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Aleppo Soap Bar
Philippa Read
Dr Ancient soap bars

The soaps are brilliant, I have stopped using shampoo and conditioner. My hair is so much better, my family now all use the soaps 😎

Pine Tar Soap Bar
Cat Lamaletie
Skin so Soft

My husband wanted this for a heat rash, the soap cleared it up in a matter of days. It leaves the skin feel so soft. It smells like the beautfiul earth. He absolutely LOVES it! Customer service too has been fantastic! Thank you

Pine Tar Soap Bar
Cat Lamaletie
Fantastic soap

Great customer service. An incredible smelling soap. Earthy and so natural. Is helping with itchy skin. Thank you. Very impressed. I’ll be back!

Good to try once

The soap is good quality, but I won't be buying again. I ordered 2 bars of tar soap and one bar of nettles soap, but got 1 tar bar and 2 nettles bars. That, plus the hefty price for the soap plus shipping, means I'm going to shop elsewhere for next time.

Bittim Soap Bar
Hasan Ozer
High quality, great soap

This is my favourite soap. It works very well with my hair. Would highly recommend.

Perfect ,very nice smell

I like the soaps( goat milk and nettle) . Very good natural products. My skin so fresh and soft. I recommend to everybody.

Definitely buying again!

I’ve been using it for my hair and my skin and I can see a significant change already and it does not make my hair hard as one would expect considering my afro hair texture. I’m really pleased!

Pine Tar Soap Bar
Angela Grist
Pine tar soap bought as a gift

Really good. My husband uses it for his body and hair, he has fair, pale and sensitive skin. He loves it. He only needs to wash his hair once a week and it still smells and looks good. One bar lasts him for about 3 months. Exellent.

Amazing !!

Very good for your hair... I really reccomend it 🙂

Top quality

Genuinly handmade top quality products.

Aleppo Soap Bar
Fatih Dündar

best soap bar I have used


Soap hardly foams and is very difficult to rinse off, a greasy finish remains on the skin (probably due to the olive oil) ...

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very good!!!

I am very satisfied with this soap, I had olacs on the skin that did not come off with the medicinal ointment 'amy cor' and the soap dried them. very good product, I recommend, to try !!

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Cool product

Wonderful leaves your skin soft and hydrated

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Donkey Milk Soap Bar
Gabriel Lorient

excellent quality product

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Pleasant soap

First test of the donkey milk soap, for the moment no visible effectiveness, but the skin is nice and pleasant after soaping! After not a week since I use it. At this moment I recommend it!

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Ideal for the skin, to flee for the hair

Perfect for the skin. Very pleasant and smooth. On the other hand not at all suitable for the hair. Causes a horrible "bundle" to unravel and leaves a sticky deposit that even dirties brushes when dry.

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Donkey Milk Soap Bar
Stephane Riga

Meet my expectations

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Super soap and lather well

Very good soap for my skin it does not dry out and very soft when you put it on, and it foams well on the face It looks very good visually and the packaging is top Too bad it is not used to be the soap for me inside for my bathroom too thick for my taste to leave it near the shower gel etc But for travel why not 🙂 I recommend it for the quality and it is quite thick so I think it will last a good 3 months with 2 washes per day Fast and careful delivery

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Musty soap

Stinks and streaks! The soap smells musty and almost does not foam, rather begins to become streaky. I am a fan of washing with soap, but with this soap I pass the washing with soap. Use the soap only for washing your feet ...

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I like that it’s natural

This product smells lovely and is great as a shampoo or a body wash. I do suffer from psoriasis and a dry scalp and it’s helped neither. I would definitely suggest something stronger and medicated if you have skin issues but for a day to day natural product, no complaints!

Excellent quality

great soap - can compete with Mardin or Aleppo soap! Nice change.

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Bought for an acne breakout, met my expectations. Very good value for money

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I recommend

They are perfect

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Pine Tar Soap Bar

Very good cleaning. Since I've been using this soap, my skin is much less dry. You have to get used to the smell, but now I like it a lot. Will definitely buy this soap again

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