Our Ancient Recipes

Nature Sustainability

We uncovered thousands of years of experience and knowledge. The priority of industrial production is to make profit, it ignores the nature. Dr. Ancient’s priority is sustainable nature, making it easy for everyone to reach what is produced by traditional methods.


Traditional Production

Our production is produced in small villages in Anatolia. All the materials used in our products, which are produced by master hands away from the industry, are traditionally obtained.

Respect for Nature

What we provide to us when we respect nature is much more valuable than what industry brings.
In industrial production, the cost is cheap, there is mass production, profit is motivated. The important thing is sustainable development. The patient has a meat-cured meat system, it is not preventive. Due to industrial production, nature, water resources, animals and plants are damaged, primarily human health. It has even been proven to be the biggest factor causing climate changes.

Traditional production is not serial, it is free of chemicals, so cost is high and production is low. What matters is sustainable nature. It is not meant to be sick or addicted to consumption, but to preventive and minimum consumption. Local production, which is made entirely by natural means, is primarily based on health and nature.
Traditional production requires a lot of effort and patience, a long process is needed as it is done with care and traditional methods by the masters of the work. The materials used are natural materials that have been delivered from past to present. Production is not done in series, uniformly; therefore it is more costly.

The value of the traditional producer has started to be understood thanks to the increase in natural product awareness, sensitivity to protect nature, and awareness of natural health. In this way, traditional manufacturers had a chance to compete with the industry.

We Use The Know-How Of Thousands Of Years

We bring together the materials collected naturally with skillful hands. Our production recipes and methods are completely traditional methods.

Organic Ingredients & Handmade Production

Natural olive oil, oils suitable for soap to be produced, oak ash and water are mixed in the proportions determined by experience, and soaping is provided by hot process. These rates have been tried for years and have been perfected over time.
The saponification process is laborious and requires skill. As a result of the touch of the master hands, soap is produced and poured into the molds to provide cooling.

Our products are completely handcrafted. As in industrial production, production is made in small batches instead of serial and high volume production.

All Natural

The dried soap is cut into molds. Our soap bars weigh an average of 150 gr, but due to their hand-made, there may be differences in weight (-10gr, + 30gr).
The soaps that are molded are arranged and waited until they are fully dried. The production process is long and laborious, unlike industrial production. Fully dried soaps are ready to use.

We carefully designed our product cycle to protect the nature itself. From production process & ingredients to the labels & packaging all is natural and sustainable.